Yel Zamor

Rivers of London, Grindhouse

Guest Appearance Information

Appearing: Both Days


Yel is a London-based illustrator and colourist with fond Eastern European roots.

Nicknamed ‘The Rainbow Wrangler’, their collaborative efforts span a decade in the comics industry.

Independent publishers – Markosia (‘The Interactives’ , ‘Hero: 9 – 5’ Volume 1 & 2), Subversive Comics (‘Super Robot Mayhem’). Major labels – Marvel (‘Revolutionary War: Warheads’), Dark Horse (‘Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight’), Jet City Comics/Amazon (‘Frontlines: Requiem’ based on the military sci-fi universe by Marko Kloos) ‘Petzi et Le Volcan’ (art by Thierry Capezzone). Cover colours for ‘My So Called Secret Identity’, ‘Mandy the Monster Hunter’ (Hellbound Media) and others.

Their designs and graphics can be seen in online and mobile games; ‘Catamancer’ and ‘Board Game Online’ by Frostbolt Games.

Creative hermit seclusion aside, Yel occasionally ventures outside to pursue archery training.

Yel is owned by four cats.


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